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What do I know about my site visitors?

The internet is a wonderful thing. So is google search. I can find almost information on almost anything that interests me. Data interests me and particularly who and when prospective clients visit this site. google analytics can tell me a lot about this.

So, what do I know about you?

The largest age range is 24-35 years, followed by 18-24 years.
The time of day for most website visits/clicks: and 8-9 pm thurs-sun.
Most impressions best time of day: 10-11pm fri-sun.
Gender: majority female.
The majority of visits are on a mobile device.
Some of the highest search terms are wedding photography and wedding photographer.

This tells us some pretty obvious things and there is nothing unusual about this data.
Most searches for wedding photographers are done by the bride to be (or mother) and usually last thing at night and towards the end of the week.

So what does this tell me?

To improve your chances of finding me in your search for a wedding photographer, I could time my adds to appear later during the week and between 9-11pm for greatest effect.

What I still do not know, is what separates those who pass on by and those who will make contact? If I had the answer to this, then I guess I would be booking you all! But that is not the case and possibly not the best solution. 

In part with my previous post about TAVE CRM, when you contact me for wedding photography, I will reply with a short questionnaire about your wedding details and what you need in terms fo your wedding photography. In this way, I can tailor your search and help you to make the best decisions in regards to your wedding photography. Importantly, with more information I can make a better offer.

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