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Wedding Photography Workflow

Potential clients may be interested in what happens to the images once the wedding is over. This is where many additional hours of work occur. Depending on the wedding and length of event, there may be a few thousand images to sort through. Here is an overview of my wedding photography workflow for editing images  

After the Wedding

After the wedding, the images are dowloaded into a photographic editing library such as Adobe Lightroom. From here, all the poor images are culled. In many images, particularly group shots, not everyone is looking at the camera, eyes can be shut, mouths can be open, and sometimes individuals have strange facial expressions. All of these happen naturally in the split second a photo is taken, although they don’t make for good images per se. It takes several shots to get an image where everyone is looking at the camera, eyes are open, and smiling.

The remaining images are then ranked. Some images will receive 5 stars because they are stunning and have great potential. These will make excellent fine art prints and will work really well on social media. Other images may receive 2 or 3 stars – they are good and will make good social media images and perhaps a photo book. This images help to tell the story of the day and are keepers. Some image may receive 1 or 2 stars – these need further consideration.

Checking image Quality

Following this, all of these images are checked for sharpness and are then edited to ensure colour consistency, and exposure consistency. Some cropping may be needed, and removal of spots and dust. Depending on the amount of images, this can take a few hours to several days to complete.

Post-Processing Creativity

From here, the fun starts. this is where I get to be creative. All clients are supplied with the standard edited images in hi-res (3200px not he long side) and low-res (800px on the long side). These images are as they were on the day. From this collection of images, clients will also receive a creative image bundle. This consists of all the final collection images and are edited to have a particular look and feel applied. It may be a slight shift in colours and toning. These are more stylish in nature.

Creating the Image Bundles for Clients

An additional set of collection images are also provided in classic Black and White high-res and low-res formats. Black and white images have a timeless quality and certainly stand out as a print or in a wedding album.

All of these additional final collection images are provided to each client as part of their wedding package. This means where you may receive only a basic edited set of images for your wedding, I will provide an additional set of creative and black and white. This provides more images and more choice for the client.

Wedding Package Image Contents

For example, there are 300 standard final images selected from the wedding day. The client will be provided with 300 high-res and 300 low-res images from this final collection standard edit. This is 600 images in total. Add the creative bundle (another 600) and the black and white bundle (a further 600 images) and you received a total of 1800 images from your wedding day. This represents great value and choice for wedding clients which is included as part of the package price.

Providing Options

Undoubtedly, Fine Photography aims to ensure wedding clients have the best possible images from their wedding day. Providing for more options with a full set of Creative Colour-Toned and Black and White images improves the overall value of their wedding day photography package.

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