Choosing a Wedding Photographer? Tips Part 2

When looking for a wedding photographer, one commonality is very little is comparable. There is no consistency of fees, packages, or inclusions. This is the part where you will have to decide on what you want for your wedding and do some research on each of your wedding photographer candidates.

For example, you may want coverage for 8 hours. The images will usually be provided via a downloadable gallery so that you can do as you wish with them. This is good idea. It will allow you to decide on prints and albums at a later date.

Have you ever tried to lay out and print a wedding album?

Wedding photographers may or may not include a wedding album as part of their wedding photography package. At this stage you may think you could download all the images and make a wedding album your self at a later date. My advice, get the wedding album included with the package. It will save you a lot of time, and probably some expense as well to have it included in the wedding photography package and to have the wedding photographer do the layout.

Why do I suggest this? Have you ever tried to layout a wedding album, determine the paper type and weight, the cover type and style, the number of images per page. Whether you want the album over to be cloth, leather, embossed, with an image insert? It is just a complicated as deciding on a wedding package. then you need to find a reputable printer to do this work.

My advice—have the wedding album included in the wedding photography package
White classic wedding book and album

White classic wedding album

Again, my advice is to have the wedding album included in the wedding photography package and leave the layout and design decisions to someone who does this all the time. Your photographer will have a lot of experience in design and layout, types of albums and covers and give you the best advice on all these matters. In the long run, this makes the most sense and will save you a lot of time. You will have your album a few weeks after the wedding—just in time to start reminiscing and showing the album to family and friends and relive the happy day.


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