Why you need a wedding album form your wedding day photos

Wedding Albums

Wedding Albums

Wedding Albums are a great way to immortalise your wedding day. Many prospective clients will query why they would need a wedding album if they have the digital files. From experience I can say that the Album is a tangible thing which you can open and view at any time. Digital files, although another great way of sharing, have to be viewed on a screen (and usually a small screen such as an iPhone) and it’ just not the same.

1. Wedding Album is Tangible

I have many of my own prints framed and on my walls. I know that to go and find those particular images electronically, I will have to search through a laptop or device to view them. Prints, canvas, and wedding albums are also great decoration or home accessory and serve as a constant, visual reminder of your special day.

2. The experience of a high quality fine art album.

As part of my wedding photography packages, I do include digital files so you can print you own images. Many clients suggest they can design and print their own wedding album. Well, yes you can.
My experience tells me that this will remain an incomplete project no matter how enthusiastic and certain of completion the clients are at the time. I have many clients return to me after some time to design and deliver their wedding albums after the fact. They simply have not been able to complete the project.

3. Avoid the incomplete project syndrome.

More often than not, it is the parents of the bride and groom who are really keen to have a wedding album, so perhaps including wedding albums just for the parents is a good solution.

4. The parents of the bride & groom will really want one.

I can make all those decisions or you such as images to include, design & layout, as well as finish materials and send that to you to proof. Let me do all the hard work—it’s what I’m good at. In the end you will be very happy with your wedding album to help preserve the beautiful day.

5. Immortalise your wedding day.

Fine photography offers a range of Fine Art Wedding and Engagement Albums as well as a small Parent Album, which is a duplicate of the Wedding Album.


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