Tips for wedding portraits during storm season

It is the summer storm season here in Sydney right now. We have endured some intense storms over the city and up and down the east coast over the last week. Obviously, these storms will happen no matter what during this season. We can take some steps to ensure your wedding photography takes advantage of storm season for some unique wedding portrait images.

Summer storms can make great backdrops for photography. Summer storms can produce amazing light and lighting situations. I don’t want you to stand out in the middle of a field in a lightning storm. Having a location which provides for some shelter is a good strategy to plan for your wedding day. In the event of a storm or rain, the wind, mist and cloud formations can make for great portrait backgrounds, adding a lot of mood to your day.

Umbrellas are very useful props. See-through umbrellas are particularly useful in summer storm situations and allows me to capture wedding portraits in rain. Often, the available light is low. I use off-camera flash, so in these types of lighting situations I can create some beautiful wedding portraits using backlight. The backlight can help to make rain drops sparkle and reflect. In conjunction with a stormy backdrop this is particularly spectacular.

Mist, clouds, rain all add a unique dimension to your wedding photography. Consider storms as an opportunity to capture a unique perspective to your wedding photography. Most importantly, have a backup plan for changes in the weather so you can still achieve the wedding photography you are after.