Wedding reception marquee li with soft candle light at dusk

Tips for planning a wedding

Some tips for planning your wedding. These tips are rather eclectic in nature and are meant to help add some sun and enjoyment to your special day.

  1. Plan a party, not a wedding.
  2. Don’t let others dictate your wedding.
  3. ‘Smell the roses” plan in some buffer time in the day to take breather – after ceremony, before reception.
  4. Get a dress you can walk in.
  5. Make family photos easy – have a list – give the list to the photographer – enlist a helper to gather the family.
  6. Get your photographer to help with a timeline for the day.
  7. Keep kids happy – have games, colouring-in table-cloth – something with novelty for them to enjoy.
  8. It might rain – don’t worry.
  9. First dance can be scary – have a plan for immediately after the dance – have the bridal party to rush the dance floor and rev things up with some great dance tracks to get everyone’s boogie on.
  10. After first dance, don’t schedule a formality eg: dessert, speech, cake cutting – everyone will be dancing. Keep the energy in the atmosphere.
  11. Bring your pet! Dress up your dog. Great for fun photos.
  12. Write your own vows.