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SEO for Photographers Part #9

After the last blog post SEO for Photographers Part 8 this post continues with Keywords for photographers. This post looks at categorising your keywords into Core, synonyms, and associate categories.

The previous post identified several types of keywords used for Google searches. Some are core (high value), others synonyms (photographer/photojournalist), and associate (other words to describe what you do or what you offer).

Keywords can fall into three meta categories:

  • Educational
  • Transactional
  • Reputational

Educational keywords

Educational keywords are about learning information such as how to manually use focus points on a digital camera. These will typically be long tail/low value keywords. In google ads, they will be a low cost keyword.

Transactional Keywords

Transactional keywords are ones in which a decision needs to be made such as book a photography tour or purchased a new lens. These are high value keywords as they have a potentially lucrative outcome if this results in a click on your google ad which leads to your website (sales funnel/landing page) and results in a new photography tour client or a purchaser of one of your print images. this is where the money is for most photographers.

Reputational Keywords

Reputational keywords are keywords which are branded. Unless you are a major brand of some sort, don’t use them.

Source Code

High ranking competitor websites are a good place to look for keywords in the header meta description source code. The next step is to look at the source code from competitor websites (most web browsers have this function). Look at the meta descriptions found in the header.

The meta description is a very important location to use keywords and an area where you want to ensure quality keywords are in your website. See if the keywords in competitors websites are similar to your keyword list. Can you add more keywords to your list? See some keywords you don’t have yet?

Meta Description

Ensure you have a high quality, keyword rich, meta description in your website. The meta description will show up in the search results in Google. You want potential customers to be drawn to your website with a high quality and relevant meta description. Having the keyword in the body of your meta description is beneficial for search results. Customers can find what they are looking for easily, such as landscape photography tours of New Zealand’s south island if it is written into your page’s meta description.

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