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SEO for photographers Part #8

After the last blog post SEO for Photographers Part 7 this post continues with Keywords for photographers. This post looks at how to choose the best keywords for your photography website and the affect they will have on Google search rankings with paid Google ads.

Knowing your customer

Last post looked at knowing your customer to help decide your keywords. To continue, when choosing keywords you also need to look at synonyms and associate words.

SEO Keyword synonyms

Synonyms are words similar or meaning the same thing. Fro example: Doctor and physician Officer and board member Pilot and wingman

These are examples of synonyms and help with keyword searches. Photographer synonyms can be cameraman, snapper, shutterbug, parapazzo, lensman, photojournalist, freelance photographer.

You may have photography services on offer, although many photographers also offer tours and workshops. Here you need synonyms for these as well. This is where knowing your customer from the previous blog post is important.

Many of you are not just photographers and offer many other services such as yours and workshops and you need to develop keywords for each of these as well as your potential customers and clients search for these services too.

SEO Associate Keywords

Associate keywords can mean specific things such as location, style, etc. For example, “Landscape Photography Tours new Zealand South Island” has a few associate keywords such as location (New Zealand), even more specific location (South Island). Also Landscape (style of photography offered).

When developing keywords, think of associate keywords for each strand of your photography business. If you offer tutorials or workshops, some associate keywords are Photoshop, Lightroom, locations, seascape, bridal, portrait, Black and White. This list can be almost endless depending on the range of services your offer.

Core, Synonyms, and Associate Keywords

Once you have started on your keyword list, break them up into Core, Synonyms and associate keywords. Use a table or excel to do this so you have a list to go to and modify as you develop your keyword SEO strategy.

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