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SEO for Photographers Part #7

After the last post Off-Page SEO, the next avenue to explore for SEO for Photographers are keywords. Keywords for photographers are important as they will help you to differentiate your website from competitors and help in potential customers and clients to find you amongst the myriad of photographer offerings and websites available today.

Keywords can seem mysterious, requiring high-level knowledge and SEO experts, but it really isn’t all that hard if you do your research and find keywords that will work for you, your customers, and your website.

Know your customer

Before deciding on keywords to use, you need to know your customer or client. Knowing what your customer or client wants will help to you to clearly define your keywords. Potential customers for a photographer may include:

  • A customer who wants to buy prints
  • A customer looking for hints and tips as a photographer
  • A customer looking to book a photography tour
  • A customer looking for a photography workshop
  • A customer looking for help on Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom.

All of these potential customer type will help you to identify and decide what keywords are right for your photography website.

Keywords for Photographers: Define

The first thing you need to do is identify keywords which you think will best match a potential customer of client, best match what you have to offer. These keywords will either be high value or high volume keywords.

High value keywords

High value keywords are just that. They are valuable to photographers and when you set yourself up to compete against other websites, these keywords can be bid for ad placement in Google search. Because it is an auction and these keywords are seen as the top ranking keywords to use for google searches, then they will be expensive.

High Volume Keywords

High volume keywords represent the long-tail end of keywords search. There are a lot of searches and search results from them but they do not represent exact matches to a search a customer may perform in google.

You want to balance high value with high search volume.

Next Blog post will look further into keyword research for photographers.