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SEO for Photographers Part #6

Off-Page SEO

Off-page SEO is another strategy for photographer websites to increase your search ranking. Off-page SEO includes:

  • Link building
  • Social authority
  • Online reviews
  • Fresh content

Off-page SEO is about creating external links to your website. External links can come from other websites or blogs, industry pages, or a directory. These all help to build your online presence and authority in the eyes of Google. The more quality links to your site, the more Google sees your site as valuable.

Important Link features

  • Quantity
  • Quality
  • Authority

Your links must have these three features. Quantity is basically the more links, the higher the value in the eyes of Google.

Quality means your links are from websites have your target keywords in them. Long gone are the days of link farms. Your links should be optimised by containing the target SEO keyword.

Authority means to ensure your links are coming from other reputable, more powerful websites. This means a website with more domain authority and ensure these links are relevant to your website (ie: from a relevant industry).

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