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SEO for Photographers—Part #5

It’s been a while. Covid-19 pandemic and all. A few things had to give. This blog was one of them. However, I’m back and have more to post of SEO for photographers. I am learning a lot about how to build a website and market my business. It changes all the time. I do t all myself, so I hope to bring you some tips and tricks to be able to learn more for your own photography and photograph website and business.

SEO keywords for photographers

This post is about Google and keywords. Keywords are a potent factor in organic website search rankings. Although Google crawls your website, it won’t figure out your website without a little help from you. Moreover, the Google search algorithm updates regularly and changes many things. One thing which is consistent is your use of keywords in your website. Google relies on those to know more about what service you are offering or products your are selling.

SEO and google organic search ranking for photographers

SEO is the art of getting a top “organic” ranking in Google search results for photographers. To start, you need to know your business and know what your customers are looking for. This is your connection point between your potential customers and your website. It is achieved by scattering and leveraging the most appropriate keywords throughout your website.

Keywords are placed via ‘on-page SEO’ or ‘off-page SEO’. On-page SEO is just that—on you web pages. Off-page SEO is via social media links and placements.

This post will cover on-page SEO and how to optimise for your photography website and business.

Brainstorm ideas

Brainstorm ideas on what you think you represent to your customer – what do you think a customer is looking for when they search for a photographer? Which ideas (words) describe what you have to offer? Filter this list and prioritise the words which best describe what you have which potential customers are looking for. This is your keyword list. You could also use Google’s keyword planner tool in Google Ads manager if you have an account.

Best places for keywords in your website

The best places for your keywords in your website are:

  • Page tags—header, title, image alt attributes.
  • Homepage—your homepage copy should be keyword dense.
  • Footer—ensure it is keyword heavy.

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