SEO for Photographers and how to use keywords in your website

SEO for Photographers Part #11 – Keyword Tags

SEO for Photographers Part #11 - Keyword Tags

After the last post about keywords for photographers, this post follows up about where to put your keywords.

Keywords go into page tags. Page tags can be in either html content or in your page content.


HTML tags include page header, page titles, page meta descriptions, and also on image attributes which is alternative text for an image.

Avoid Keyword Stuffing

Although you can place keywords throughout your website and in the content on your pages, there is there principal of keyword stuffing which you should avoid. This is placing your keywords repetitively in your html tags. This will negatively affect how Google interprets your page.

Where to place keywords in your website

Your homepage should contain your top 3 keywords you have developed form your keyword research. Repeat your page title in a H1 (Heading level 1) tag. Use a H2 tag (Heading level 2) for a major product or service you are offering.

Supporting images on your website or page should also use those keywords in the alt image attributes.

The Meta Description

Your meta description (either for a home page, related page or a blog post) should be keyword rich, that is, without keyword stuffing, ensure your web page copy has those all-important keywords throughout. This is where your writing skills come into play.

Good web Copy—Write like a human but also for Google

You must write for the Google search engine (which is essential a robot/algorithm) as well as for a human reader. Finding this balance is an art form.


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