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SEO for Photographers Part #10

After the last blog post SEO for Photographers Part 9 this post continues with Keywords for photographers.

Other tips photographers can use with their keywords is to go to Goggle search and start to tope in a keyword phrase and let google autocomplete the phrase and see what other phrases appear. This helps to give you an indication of what potential customers and clients are searching for.

Last post also talked about educational and transactional keywords. Educational keywords are low value as they are associated with learning about something and not a sale. Transactional keywords are associated with a sale and these are the keywords you should optimise for, however, theses keywords are competitive which means expensive in the bidding in google ads. A balance of cost versus reward for these keywords is needed.

Keyword Groups

Organise your keywords into groups. For example: photographic prints, photography tours, photography workshops. Each group will have several keywords you have earlier identified. Each group also needs a landing page. this means your keywords need to be organised into a hierarchy and there is one landing page for each keyword. Essentially this is a category/subcategory hierarchy.

Landing Page Hierarchy Example


  • Landing Page 1 (Core keyword)
    • Sub-page 1a (core keyword + associate 1a)
    • Sub-page 1b (core keyword + associate 1b)
  • Landing Page 2 (Core keyword)
    • Sub-page 2a (core keyword + associate 2a)
    • Sub-page 2b (core keyword + associate 2b)

Photographer Landing Page Hierarchy Example


  • Landing Page 1 (Landscape Photography)
    • Sub-Page 1a (Landscape photography tours)
    • Sub-page 1b (Landscape photography workshops)
  • Landing Page 2 (Wedding Photography)
    • Sub-page 2a (Wedding Photography Prints)
    • Sub-page 2b (Wedding Photography Album)
    • Sub-page 2c (Wedding Photography Sydney)

The Point of Landing Pages

You can develop as many landing pages as you desire with keyword categories and phrases to match. With each of these landing pages they should link to an action/page for the client or customer to do something. Ideas include to email a brochure, make a booking, purchase a print, pay a deposit for a tour or a workshop, join a mailing list. Whatever it is to capture an email and get the customer to start their journey through your sales ‘funnel’.

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