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Secure a great deal

Secure a great deal.

Searching for a wedding photographer can be daunting. There are so many wedding photographers out there. It is difficult to compare prices and packages. 

Then even when you do secure a photographer, you have to be sure they have your date open and available. Many wedding couples will look and book nearly 2 years in advance. However, one thing they may overlook is that the price of the wedding package may not be the same in two years time. The advertised price for their wedding in 2020 or 2021 may be higher than the advertised prices they seeing for current 2019 weddings.

Lock in current wedding photography prices

This makes securing a photographer even more difficult with ever-increasing costs of a wedding. A good idea is to see if your photographer will lock in a wedding photography price for your wedding at the current rate or maybe at a discount on the future (2020) rate. 

In fact, Fine Photography does offer wedding couples a locked-in wedding price deal. Fine Photography will secure 2019 prices for weddings in 2020 if booked and paid in full before end of May 2019. This is a great deal and can make a significant different to the budget bottom line for many young couples.

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