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Residential Realestate Photography Tips for Clients

Residential Realestate Photography Tips for Clients

Most home buyers are searching online for their perfect new home or next property. Quality Images from online real estate sites are what gets buyers through the door. Potential buyers will make their initial decisions about a property from online photos on real estate sites. High-quality residential photography will assist in enticing potential buyers to an inspection or at least to make an enquiry.

The presentation of interior and exterior photos of your home will play a major role in whether potential buyers will explore your property listing. In fact, the first image presented on an online real estate site will determine whether a potential buyer clicks to see more information and images for the property. Getting high quality professional images is essential. Choosing the first image for online advertising is critical.

Sellers and Clients can improve their changes of buyer enquiries through professional, high-quality real estate photography.

Maximum Effectiveness for Real Estate Photography 

For maximum effectiveness of a professional residential photography shoot, here are Client some tips:

  • Present the best features of the property. This does not mean present images of every room, hallway, doorway, staircase, and laundry. Select and have professionally photographed the best rooms and features of a property. 
  • Remove all distracting objects. Clutter can obscure and distract potential buyers as clutter serves no purpose in making the space or the interior a place they might want to own. Furthermore, clutter miminses the chance of making the best features of a home visible to potential buyers. Remove clutter and stage interiors for a professional residential photography shoot.
  • Luxury homes are usually staged for interior photo shoots. Similar staged results can be achieved with judicious cleaning, remove almost all object from tables, benches, and on top of cabinets. Objects may have a sentimental value for the current owner, but too much personalisation of a home may put off potential buyers as they cannot see their own furniture in your home. 
  • Make it easy for potential buyers to visualise their new home. Remove the clutter, have only the basic furniture and décor, and this allows the buyer to image themselves in that space.
  • The exterior photo is one of the most important images for a residential shoot alongside that of the kitchen/living room. These are the images which will entice buyers the most. Remove tree and leaf litter, cut the lawn, trim the hedges, place garbage and recycling bins out of sight.
  • Consider Twilight exterior photography. The ‘blue hour’ balance between house lights and a deep blue sky can enhance the appearance of a home and make it more enticing for buyers. 

For the real estate agent – using professional photography for your listing with improved sales results will more likely attract other vendors to use the same agency due to quality marketing and strong sales results.


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