Real estate photography shoot

Preparing your Home for a Real Estate Photo Shoot

Preparing your Home for a Real Estate Photo shoot

Here is a simple list of things you can do to prepare your home for a real estate photography shoot.  This will help the property  look its best in marketing material for your real estate marketing material and listing.

External areas

  • The inside and the outside will be photographed. Remove any unwanted items that would not add the overall appeal.
  • Exterior: keep things which suggest lifestyle and outdoor living such as tables, chairs, BBQ. These enhance the lifestyle aspect of the property and their uses such as for outdoor entertaining.
  • Keep pets out of sight. Have someone look after them or place them in the garage if possible.
  • Remove all cars form the driveway and from the front of the home. Do not park directly in front of the home.
  • Move garbage bins, recycling bins, out of sight.
  • Mow the lawn, do the edges and rake the yard to remove any leaves.
  • Sweep pathways, walkways, and driveways.


  • Clear off bench tops and counter tops in all major living spaces, bathrooms, living rooms. Keep only the very bare essentials and this which will add colour to an otherwise plain room or decorative scheme.
  • Remove all magnets, notes, photographs from fridge door.
  • Remove photos, snapshots from the refrigerator, countertops, sideboards.
  • Put away all appliances, cutlery, paper towel and tea towel holders.
  • Check and replace range hood light if not working.
  • Set the table with best cutlery and plates.


  • Tidy the bathroom area. Have a few towels rolled up neatly on the side of a bath or counter top.
  • Remove excess items (toothbrushes, shavers, bottles of shampoo and soap).
  • Clean all mirrors and benchtops.
  • If need be, give the bathroom a really good clean.

Living room

  • Turn on all interior lights.
  • Turn off televisions, computers, ceiling fans.
  • Tidy curtains – tie them back where possible. Natural light is key.
  • De-clutter rooms that are excessively furnished.
  • Have only essential furniture such as lounge and single chairs, a coffee table. Less clutter and furniture will make the room appear larger.
  • Remove piles of newspapers and magazines.
  • A strategically placed book or two on the coffee table works well.
  • Hide all TV remotes.
  • Remove gym equipment.
  • A vase of colourful flowers work well as a center piece in the room.
  • If there is any valuable artwork on wall that you do not want photographed, remove it or let us know prior so that we can do our best to minimize its appearance in images.


  • Remove and clutter and clothes form the floor, beds, chairs.
  • Hide personal items.
  • Turn on bedside table lamps. Make sure all globes are working and of the same brightness.
  • Make the bed as neatly as possible and pull the covers tight. You can even peg the sides to pull tighter.
  • Remove baby cribs.
  • Remove items form bedside table.


If you would like further help, please contact.

Fine Photography can arrange for a property stylist to visit your home to help you with the presentation. Property styling can add value to your property when thinking about selling. Not only in the images for marketing but also when prospective buyers come through for a viewing. A tastefully decorated property is very enticing for buyers.


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