Portrait Photography Retouching

Fine Photography offers a range of editing services as add-ons to wedding photography.

One of these services is further portrait refinement. This service involves advanced photoshop techniques to improve skin and tone in portraits. Not everyone’s skin is perfect and your make-up is on point, there still can be visible flaws or some refinements which will help to improve a portrait.

Fine Photography can edit portraits to smooth and soften skin, improve colour and tonal balance, as well as add in some fine background textures which add a little more life to an image. Eyes often benefit from slight colour adjustments and overall brightness. Red ‘party lines’ in the white of eye can be removed. Some slight adjustment of facial features such as ‘thinning’ the jaw line and enhancing lips can be achieved. 

Obviously, there limits to what can be done and a balance between realism and ‘improvement’ is necessary. Portrait refinement is one service Fine Photography can offer. It is useful when you have an image you really love and would like to have made into a print. Make the digital image as best as possible before going to print.

Below is a before and after sample.

Portrait Retouching

Advanced Photoshop portrait retouching for wedding and portrait clients.

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