Meta Tags for photography websites

SEO for Photographers Part 4

Meta Tags for photography websites

Google needs to see meta tags on your website to understand what your pages are about. Meta tags are pieces of code on your website which tells Google how it will appear in its search engine. Without meta tags, Google will automatically take content from your web pages to fill in the meta description. This may not be ideal as it will make your Google search listing look messy or lack specific details on what your webpage or website is about.

Yoast has a good description of how to write meta tags. The main purpose is to get a searcher to clink on your link in the search engine results. It is critical to get the meta description right. Essentially, your meta description should be a call-to-action, something which will make a searcher want to click on your link and not that from another website.

The meta description should also contain the focus keyword. The focus keyword is linked to the search term, so the more accurate the focus keyword the more likely your page will appear in the Google search results.
Meta tags are currently 160 characters in length. Any more and Google will truncate your descriptions.

Skilfull use of meta tags throughout your photography website will help to draw more people to your pages.


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