Choosing a Wedding Photographer? Here are some tips

Looking for a Wedding Photographer? Here are some tips

Part 1

In a several part blog, I will elaborate and provide some tips for things to know when looking for a wedding photographer

Looking for a photographer for your wedding? What are some of the thing you should look out for or questions to ask a prospective photographer?

If you have spent a little time looking for a photographer for your wedding you will have started to notice a few things. First, there are a lot of wedding photographers. Their prices vary considerably.  and their wedding photography packages and inclusions vary considerably. This means you are going to have to dig a bit further to find the photographer and wedding packing to suit your wedding.

If one thing is certain, very little is comparable. There is no set fee, package, or inclusions for wedding photography set by ‘a regulated industry body’. So this means you will have to decide on what you want for your wedding. 

Often, packages will be determined by the amount of hours of coverage. Do you want 8 hours coverage or will 4 suffice? What will be photographed in a 4 hour coverage package? Some packages will be differentiated by their inclusions. Some will include prints and wedding albums, for other packages these will be an after sales add-on.

For example, you may want coverage for 8 hours. This is plenty of time to cover some pre-weding images through to a few hours at your reception, although times may vary. In addition, many wedding photographers include high res images which you can download via on online gallery. 

Some wedding packages may include 1 photographer, some will include 2. How big is your wedding? Do you need two photographers? I work on my own, and so do many more wedding photographers. Some may have an assistant who does some shooting. These are some questions to find out when deciding on your wedding photographer as they may be factored into the wedding photography package price.


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