Choosing a Wedding Photographer Part 5

Choosing a Wedding Photographer Part 5

Some things to ask your wedding photographer about your day.

In this last part of Choosing a Wedding Photographer, I will walk you through some questions your should ask your wedding photographer so that you understand how they work and what they will do for you on the day.

Your wedding day is a big and busy day. In preparation for your wedding, you should talk to your wedding photographer about what they do on the day in terms of getting your shots. Your wedding photographer will probably be the person your are in contact with the most on the day.

Ask your photographer do they have a shot list. There are some fairly typical shots to capture throughout a wedding day. You may have some extra special requests which the photographer needs to know about so they are not missed. You might have a very special relative coming in from overseas and it is imperative to get images of them on the day.

Ask if your wedding photographer can suggest a timing schedule or locations for a bridal party shoot. If you have a favourite location, suggest this and ask if the photographer is familiar with it. If you already have your venues booked it is a good idea to share that with the photographer. The more accurate estimate of timings which are worked out in advance, will be very helpful for the photographer and yourself, particularly if you are considering a time-limited wedding photography package.


Timing the wedding day

You may find that as the day progresses, your reception is running late. You may find that the reception times for speeches and first dance, cake cutting are 1 hour later than proposed. Your  wedding photographer is due to leave at 8pm and will miss these important events of the evening. Find out if the photographer has an additional hours fee. It should be in the contract so you are fully aware that if you ask the photographer to stay longer (that’s if they can) and you know the cost involved. 

Expect this additional hourly cost to be rather high. Remember, it is not just an additional hour on the night for the photographer, there will the additional photos and post-processing time for this extra hour after the event which the photographer will account for in their overall hourly rate. As an indication, my additional hourly rate for 2018 is $450 per hour, billed in half hour increments.

You wedding maybe outside of a major metropolitan area in which your photographer has to travel for. There will generally be an extra travel time cost added to the wedding photography package quote for this. Ask about this with your initial enquiries with your wedding photographer to get an estimate.


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