Choosing a Wedding Photographer? Part 4

In this next part of Choosing a Wedding Photographer? I will dive into some other aspects of choosing a wedding photographer from a business perspective. Wedding photography is competitive and booking a photographer for your wedding day is a commitment which will usually require signing a contract. 

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Booking a Wedding Photographer

Wedding photographers are booked out up to 2 years in advance. It is important that you are ready to book, sign a contract, and pay a deposit, with the photographer of your choice. The contract is there for both the wedding party and the photography to ensure that both parties are aware of the details in the photography package provided. It ensures the dates locked in by both parties and the terms fo the agreement are clearly stated.


Wedding Photography Contracts

The contract will clearly set out the terms of the agreement, the costs, cancellation policies (for both you and the photographer), inclusions, exclusions, package contents. It could include any number of other things which are an important facet of a business agreement.

Of course, with any contract you are able to negotiate terms. For example other inclusions, but I am pretty sure most of the other terms will be non-negotiable. The contract is there to protect both you and the photographer. So be sure to ask questions if you don’t understand any terms of the agreement. 


Wedding Photography Payment Plans

Often, a booking will require an initial payment to secure the date with the photographer.  Part payments could be required as the wedding date draws closer. Check over these details with the photographer and ensure payment details are clearly represented in the contract terms.


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