Choosing a wedding Photographer? Part 3

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In Parts 1 and 2 of choosing a wedding photographer, I talked about some of the offerings you may find in a wedding photography package. Another offering you may find are prints, more specifically, fine art prints. Although images today are generally digital and viewed online, prints make for great home decoration as wall art or small acrylic blocks on a table and should not be overlooked as a package inclusion. 

What do you need to know about prints. Firstly, not all prints are the same. There are low and high quality paper and ink and it pays to know a little more about what exactly you will get in terms of prints.

Individual prints? It is very easy to have to digital downloads and go to office works to get some prints done. These are great alternatives for images to hand around to family and friends. They are cheap, will get handled and touched a lot, but that is not a major concern. The print quality is not archival, which means the prints will fade, the paper stock is usually flimsy and bends easily.

Fine Art Prints

Archival Fine Art Prints – these are type of prints you see on museum walls and framed behind glass. There is a large difference between the paper quality and ink quality of these prints compared to your Officeworks print. 

Fine Art Prints are made on high quality 100% Cotton Rag inkjet paper. The Ink is archival standard as well. The paper weight exceed 300gsm (very stiff). After printing and degassing (letting the ink dry and solvent exhale from the paper – about 24 hours).  The prints are coated with an additional archival varnish to further enhance the life of the print and paper. This means they are fade resistant (though don’t hang in direct sunlight), mould resistant, less likely to bend (thick paper stock) and have been rated for up to 100+ years (depending on the paper and ink manufacturer combination).

Wilhelm Imaging Research is well-known for testing prints (ink and paper). There is more information than you need to know but there are people who test print lightfastness. Print and ink longevity is important for photographers and printers to know when choosing stock for making prints.

Again, my suggestion is that if you are after high quality prints and canvas which you want to hang in your home or give to close family, then have some prints included in the package. The photographer has the most experience with this type of process and this eases the decision-making needed on your part. 

Just so you know, Fine Art Prints are not cheap, particularly when done on a paper such a Hahnemuhle Fine Art Paper. So maybe it is a wise investment to go with the prints included in your wedding packageas it will work out more cost effective for you in the end.


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