Original Lightroom Catalogue

I have been taking photos since film days. I’m not new to this arena. I also used to hand develop film and prints, and have first-hand experience of what ‘dodging and burning’ is. I have been going through old boxes of stuff and I came across what I am calling my first Lightroom Catalogue. All…

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Lightroom Permissions?

So, open up Adobe Lightroom to start working and I hit a permission issue. Oops. This is something I haven’t encountered before.   [ngg src=”galleries” ids=”138″ display=”pro_imagebrowser” order_by=”alttext”]A little bit of google searching and I find my way to Adobe help section. https://helpx.adobe.com/au/lightroom-classic/kb/user-permissions-issues.html There are some solutions. The first was to navigate to some specific…

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All-in-One WP Migration

Wedding Photography Header montage

WordPress has plugins which enable users like me to do things that I cannot do because I’m not an expert coder. I developed this website myself using WordPress. I have been using WordPress for about 7 years and slowly learning how to steer both the front and the backend of wordpress and hosting.  One plugin…

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