Canada Bay Wedding Photography Locations

Canada Bay Wedding and Event Photography Locations.

There are many wonderful locations around Canada Bay for Wedding and Event photography. 

Various waterside locations around Canada Bay Wedding Photography

Various waterside locations around Canada Bay for Event, Wedding, Engagement, and Portrait photography.

Around the Canada Bay Inner West area there are many wonderful photographic locations suitable for Engagement and Wedding Photography. 

Locations close to water in these areas are great for wedding photography. The water backdrop, natural bays and rock formations, small secluded beaches and tree-lined park locations, are perfect for outdoor engagement and wedding photography.

Locations on the north side of Parramatta River include Kissing Point Park, Putney Park,  Morrison Bay Park, Glades Bay Park, and Banjo Patterson Park on the northern side of Parramatta River.

On the southern side of Parramatta River are location such as Rhodes Park, Yaralla Bay and Ron Routley Oval, Dame Edith Walker Estate, Cabartia Park, and Cabarita Point, Bayview Park, and Battersea Park. 

These are great locations for wedding location photography, particularly around sunset. These locations also have plenty of tree cover which helps with outdoor wedding photography. The tree cover shade provides for soft light which makes for  pleasing light for wedding images.  

Some of the locations do require a permit for Canada Bay council, which is easily sought.

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