Arranging and Grouping Wall Photos

Nicely arranged wall photos can have great impact on a room.

Arranging and grouping wall photos can seem a bit daunting at first. The key is to add the right picture to the right room and this requires some planning. There are some simple design principles that you can follow which will give your wall images the space they need to be an important focal point in any room.

Arranging and Grouping Wall Photos

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When hanging framed wall photos or canvas prints it is important to keep their center at eye level, says Driven by Decor. This is usually about 60” from floor level. When hanging photos and canvas above a sofa, ensure that the size of the print is large enough to cover 2/3rds the width of the sofa. For instance, if your sofa is 8 ft wide, then ideally your print should be around 5’3”-5’.5” in width. This ensures balance between the size of the sofa and the image on the wall. Furthermore, leave at least 9” of space above the top of the sofa to the bottom of the print so that the sofa and the print do not look like they are cramming for space.

For hanging multiple framed prints or canvas prints on a wall, there are several options. Sometimes less is more and considering negative space will help to avoid an overall cluttered look on a wall. This can ensure that photographic and canvas prints are focal point in the room.

Balance and Symmetry

Arrange the prints so that they have balance. There are many ways to create balance. Many of these can be found in design ideas, particularly with graphic design and layout techniques. Smashing Magazine has a great article on principles of design layout.

It may help to center one image as a focal point and arrange further images around it. Further ideas are to arrange by tone or color. This could be tone or color of the frame, the mat for a framed print, or even the image content. Finding visual elements that complement each other is an often used design tool which can be applied here.

Importantly, before nailing in picture hooks to wall, it is a good idea to plan your layout first. Test a few visual ideas before committing the picture hooks to the wall.


Arranging and Grouping Wall Photos

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