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All-in-One WP Migration

WordPress has plugins which enable users like me to do things that I cannot do because I’m not an expert coder.

I developed this website myself using WordPress. I have been using WordPress for about 7 years and slowly learning how to steer both the front and the backend of wordpress and hosting. 

One plugin which has proved very useful is All-In-One WordPress Migration. It allows me to develop my wordpress site locally on my laptop and then later upload it to my live site. This is an ideal model for me to work with, as developing on a live site is fraught with danger. And, it was a good price for me considering I’m trying to keep all website costs to a minimum.

However, not everything is smooth sailing.

All-In-On Wp Migration Pro keeps backups of your site every time you export to file. This resulted in (unbeknownst to me) my site bloating out to 23gb. That size of file is a limitation for shared hosting and encounters Php limits set by my web hosting service. It resulted in All-In-One Wp Migration plugin hanging at 99% upload and the wordpress website hitting the white screen of death. I couldn’t even log into wp-admin to sort the problem.

It was only when poking around the MAMP wordpress folder on my laptop that I found a folder ai1wm-backups and it was 22 gb.

Holy moly! That is huge and explains why even trying to upload these files via CyberDuck FTP took over 8 hours and failed. So, I decided to RTFM for All-In-One WP Migration and find that these backups are created on export. God news, I can delete these as I desire. So I deleted all but one and now my wordpress site was back down to 2gb and migrated to my live site with no problems.

Not much of a post on weddings but may be of interest to those using wordpress and encounter this problem.


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