7 Things to Know about Social Media Marketing for your Small Business

7 Things to Know about Social Media Marketing for your Small Business

You have probably considered social media marketing at some point for your small business. This area can be overwhelming with so many social platforms to choose from. In this post, I will cover two social media platforms—Twitter and Facebook— and provide introductory ideas on how best to use them for your social media marketing.

Social Media Marketing

7 Things to know about Social Media Marketing

1. Why do we need to use social media for marketing our small businesses?
• Create interactive moments with customers
• Achieved defined goal
• Drive traffic to sites
• Get brand attention
• Potential to transform your business or brand image

2. Social Media has a Value
• Creates the opportunity to engage with your customers.
• Establish credibility—customers tend to research brand and products before they buy.
• Creates a community which ignites your word-of-mouth marketing,
• Gain exposure and brand to new audience.

3. A Comparison of Facebook and Twitter

• Twitter – 20% of audience
• Popular with 18-29 year olds
• Twitter content has a short life span – up to 1 hour.

• Strong middle-class representation
• 34-50 year old users
• Younger users shifting away
• Facebook – an ongoing conversation

4. How Should You use Twitter and Facebook?
• Twitter – customer service and brand updates
• Facebook – in-depth content and ongoing conversations.

5. Important: Before You Start using Social Media Marketing
• Ensure you can collect data.
• Set up Google analytics
• Use custom link such as billy
• Custom Google campaign tags

6. How much Time is needed for Social Media Marketing?
• At least an hour a day
• Time spent writing copy, and finding images.
• What resources to you have available to do this work?
• A budget is needed for social media marketing – time you or team is spending on social media marketing.

7. What Content Goes Where?
• Twitter- -status updates, support updates, create and capture conversations, add opinions to existing topics; the goal is to build followers.
• Facebook – to provide in-depth content and ongoing conversations.


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