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Archive for January 2018

Choosing a Wedding Photographer? Part 4

In this next part of Choosing a Wedding Photographer? I will dive into some other aspects of choosing a wedding photographer from a business perspective. Wedding photography is competitive and booking a photographer for your wedding day is a commitment which will usually require signing a contract.   

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Choosing a wedding Photographer? Part 3

In Parts 1 and 2 of choosing a wedding photographer, I talked about some of the offerings you may find in a wedding photography package. Another offering you may find are prints, more specifically, fine art prints. Although images today are generally digital and viewed online, prints make for great home decoration as wall art…

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Choosing a Wedding Photographer? Tips Part 2

Choosing a Wedding Photographer? Tips Part 2 When looking for a wedding photographer, one commonality is very little is comparable. There is no consistency of fees, packages, or inclusions. This is the part where you will have to decide on what you want for your wedding and do some research on each of your wedding…

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Choosing a Wedding Photographer? Here are some tips

Looking for a Wedding Photographer? Here are some tips Part 1 In a several part blog, I will elaborate and provide some tips for things to know when looking for a wedding photographer.  Looking for a photographer for your wedding? What are some of the thing you should look out for or questions to ask…

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Wedding photography portrait shoot at sunset? Here are some tips.

Sunset timing for Wedding photography portrait shoots Want stunning sunset portraits for your wedding? Not sure what is the best time for your wedding photography portraits? Sunset is great for portrait photography. The light is low on the horizon. This light is warm, rich, and the shadows are soft making for beautiful and natural wedding…

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